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Discover how best to use your Mayka Toy Block
Tape and start creating a whole world!


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CUT Kids grab an adult and get their help to get started. An adult should use scissors carefully to cut Mayka to any length or shape you desire.

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PEEL Remove the adhesive seal from the back. Once the seal is removed be careful not to place near any hair, dirty floors, food, or other surfaces that may damage the adhesive. You want it sticking perfectly!

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STICK Clean the surface you want to stick Mayka to. It’s recommended not to use on painted surfaces. Mayka Tape can be removed and re-used as long as the adhesive is in good condition. Like any adhesive product it’ll get less sticky if re-used a lot of times.

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BUILD Use major bricks brands to create your own 3D universe. Mayka Toy Block Tape is made for building a world upside down, up windows and on fun objects. The only limit is your creativity!


What is Mayka Toy Block Tape made of?

Mayka Tape from ZURU is the original Toy Block Tape. It’s made from premium, non-toxic silicon that’s non-marking, flexible and safe. Beware of low quality knock-offs.

Who invented Mayka Tape?

Mayka tape is Nimuno Loops – rebranded. This is the ORIGINAL Toy Block Tape! The inventors of Nimuno Loops, Chrome Cherry Design Studios, partnered with ZURU Toys after an amazing Indiegogo campaign that raised $1.6 Million dollars to rebrand and distribute Mayka Tape to the world

Is it compatible with all major bricks brands?

Mayka Tape is 100% compatible with Lego®, Kreo and all other leading toy block brands. If you have a doubt about the compatibility, we would be pleased to answer your questions on our Facebook page:

Where can I stick Mayka Tape?

Mayka Tape is best used on clean, flat, non-porous surfaces like plastic and glass. Be careful not to stick on painted surfaces to avoid any damage.

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